The Haunting of Bly Manor: Over 50 Hidden Ghosts You Missed And Where To Find Them


If you were a fan of The Haunting Of Hill House, there’s a good chance you’ve already got your eyes peeled as you watch The Haunting Of Bly Manor, looking for every possible nook and cranny for some carefully hidden ghosts – but this year, the art of ghost hunting changed things a bit. Not only were the ghosts in the Bly background a little harder to spot, but they were actually characters in themselves. Once you’ve started your research, you’ll start to notice recurring faces lurking in the shadows, and some are much easier to recognize than others.

We went through each episode of Bly with a fine comb to play the world’s scariest game of Where’s Waldo and came away with over 50 hidden ghosts to share with you. This is your guide to finding them all, in order of appearance.

Naturally, we’re going to be entering slight spoiler territory here as we work through all nine episodes, so please proceed with caution. The actual history and background of each ghost is something we’ll let you explore, but this guide will tell you exactly where to look for each. Let us know if you’ve spotted any in the comments below!

And before you go, check out our list of Bly’s spookiest moments for a fuller breakdown of the series!


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