The Great British Bake Off 2020: Episode 3 – Live! | TV and radio



Bakers need to cook something they are thankful for. Marc’s “Dharma” cooking is based on a book on Buddhism that helped him after an accident caused him to lose his leg. “It made it very clear to me what I needed to do to live another life and make my life worth living. So much the better, Marc.


This is Showstopper bread.

The first week it was 3D cake busts. Last week was a 3D cookie scene. This week’s Showstopper is a plate of bread. Naturally.



I think Hermine and the Marc / k are in the lead this week, what do you all think?


Speaking of sound bites, he just dropped another clanger: “Well, I had a fab time. It was a very good challenge. The result was not great ”.


The shapes were everywhere. Here is the current standings: Rowan is last (he is sentenced), David is ninth, Sura is eighth, Hermine is seventh, Laura is sixth, Lottie is fifth, Peter is fourth, Mark is third, Marc is second… and Linda has arrived first.

This puts Rowan in danger this week. Hoping he pulls out all the guns dropping innuendos and sound bites that sum up 2020 while gulping down cups of tea.


And now it’s time for the Bake Off technical judgment.

Some boys look like they’ve had haircuts. Were there hairdressers in the Bake Off Bubble? Give us the behind-the-scenes spinoffs we deserve!


It’s an extremely 2020 hobby, in fact. I am here for this.


Like I said, the erasure of pride.

Also check out Lovely Laura who encourages Laughing Linda. I would also like her to follow me whispering soothing words. “It’s going to be fine, Michael.” “Don’t worry, I think you’re funny, Michael.” “You shouldn’t have been knocked out in week seven, Michael.”


Prove them, cook them, boil them now ?! Rowan’s bagels disintegrate the moment they enter the pan. This technical challenge is 100% “go to store”, isn’t it?

Also, Michael, are you now a reaction meme ?!

shane reaction ☘️

“Rainbow bagels represent the NHS” #gbbo

October 6, 2020


Lottie wisely checks his measurements, confusing Dave who has apparently never heard of a ruler.

Rowan also measures. “I think in inches. It’s nine and a half inches. I think that’s respectable, isn’t it? “. He’s doing my job for me this week. Oh, now he’s dropped both of his balls. Stop that. To behave.


I thought Lottie made her hands blue but I realized she was wearing a glove because she clearly made a Michael.

Et Walker

Is Michael going to lose a finger every week? #GBBO 🔪🧁

August 27, 2019


No matter the benches, think of the hands of the bakers! Fun fact: washing your hands with toothpaste removes food coloring. Don’t ask how I found out about this.


Pray for the production assistant who had to wash this amount of dye off the work benches. They must have had a hell of a night.


Hollywood emphasized that you have to knead. Rowan took him to heart and is currently slamming his body against the table, shouting “WHACK IT”.


Now is the technical challenge

This week, they “knead” (no one laughs) to bake six rainbow-colored bagels. Paul Hollywood says rainbow bagels “represent the NHS,” which is sure to be a success on Twitter.


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