The Gare de Lyon evacuated: people flee the Part-Dieu station in France when the police arrive | World | News


The Part-Dieu station was evacuated this afternoon at 2:27 p.m. local time. Lyon police warned people to stay away from the area as a demining team worked in the station. One person was arrested following the evacuation.

Police said: “A police operation is currently underway at @LyonPartDieu station, with a security perimeter.“A demining team is currently working inside the @LyonPartDieu SNCF station.

“Current and maintained security perimeter. ”

France News 24 added: ” The train station #By God was evacuated and a large security perimeter was set up all around.

“The demining service is on site to remove any doubt about the luggage.

“The police made an arrest. “

BFM Lyon news reported that there was a bomb threat. French politician Damien Abad said he planned to visit his father on the train but was unable to do so due to the evacuation.

He tweeted: ” URGENT: bomb threat at the Part-Dieu station in Lyon.

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He tweeted: “The neighborhood is still fully cordoned off by the military and police.

“The travelers left their luggage in the station during the evacuation. ”

A reporter named JJ Green added that there had been severe traffic disruption around Lyon due to the evacuation.

He tweeted: “An operation carried out by the police is underway at the Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu.

“A security perimeter is in place, the station is evacuated.

“No train can access it now.

“Traffic is very severely disrupted around Lyon. ”

There is currently no train service in service at the station.


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