The first photo of Penn Badgley and his son is here


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Lonely boy and his little boy!

Sylvain Gaboury / Getty Images

Domino shared the exciting news on her Instagram at the end of September with a photo of her placenta, or as she called it, “her heart-shaped home.”

Fans got their first official glimpse of their newborn son on Domino’s Instagram story, which showed Domino sleeping peacefully next to him and their pet.

And while neither Domino nor Penn have revealed their son’s name, fans can still count on Domino to keep the adorable photos coming.

His last photo featured the your the star holding their little bundle of joy, looking at him with nothing but love in her eyes.

This is the way they look at each other to me!

From this single photo you can tell that Penn is completely fascinated with this little guy. Now that’s a healthy obsession I can handle!

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