The Falcon and the Winter Soldier bring back some of the ‘first’ MCU characters


Dust off those Phase 1 Blu-rays to see them again, as Marvel’s upcoming The Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney + series is set to bring back some of the first characters from the MCU.The Falcon and Winter Soldier is a six-episode Disney + series focused on the titular characters. , and we already know that brings back some of the characters we’ve seen in the MCU before, like Daniel Bruhl’s villainous Zemo and Emily Van Camp’s Sharon Carter from Captain America: Civil War. But according to the show’s author, audiences can expect the return of some other MCU characters, namely those from the previous films.

Marvel Phase 4: Official Programming

“There are characters from the early Marvel movies coming back,” series author Derek Kolstad said on the Script Apart podcast. “They layer them and reinvent them in such a way that it’s going to kind of change the structure of the storytelling, which is great. Kolstad wouldn’t go so far as to actually name these early characters, but our eyes are fixed on the first phase of the MCU. That wouldn’t be too unusual, given that another Disney + Marvel series, WandaVision, has already confirmed the return of Kat Dennings’ phase one character, Darcy Lewis.Kolstad added that the team was close to completing production after a delay related to COVID-19 earlier this year. “They’ve been hit by Covid and they’re finally ending, but it’s gonna be great. I am very honored and proud of what it has been like. “It’s unclear at this time when we’ll all see who these first MCU characters in the series are, as The Falcon and Winter Soldier doesn’t currently have a release date after being delayed beyond its original release date. in August. Check out Anthony Mackie’s new Falcon costume in the meantime, then read Mackie’s thoughts on the evolution of these characters on the series.
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