The bride-to-be in a wedding dress ambushes her fiance at work and asks him to marry him now or she is “out”


A bride-to-be donned her wedding dress and ambushed her fiance at her workplace to give him an ultimatum: marry her now or it’s over. The bride-to-be was filmed breaking into a Target branch in Las Vegas to confront her visibly stunned other half.

In a video originally shared on TIC Tac by @boymom_ashley, the woman can be seen defying her unsuspecting fiancé to marry her on the spot.

While some dismissed her actions as nothing more than a stunt on social media, she was joined by a man who appears to be a priest and a bridesmaid.

His partner was halfway through restocking a shelf in the sprawling supermarket when he was confronted with the site of his fiancée in her full wedding suit.

In the video, we can clearly hear him saying to his future partner, who is wearing a red shirt, “You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to do it or go out.

She goes on to explain that she has brought a priest, along with her friend and bridesmaid Emily, to witness this happy occasion.

More importantly, she warns the man that if he doesn’t marry her “this second” she is “over” and “out.”

Now, perhaps understandable, a crowd had gathered to watch the unfolding drama.

She also wasted little time getting them involved, greeting viewers and explaining to them that she was trying to do it. fiancé “Engage” otherwise she would drop him.

Finally, she fiancé is able to persuade her to continue their conversation outside and out of sight.

He was clearly not happy with the situation, asking a spectator, “Could someone have told me then?”

It’s unclear if the stunt ended with a surprise, supermarket-based nuptials – there are no more social media updates as the video ends with the couple leaving for a chat.

It might be better for viewers not to see what happened next – things don’t always work out the way they do in the movies.


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