The Boys Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


The Boys Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous Amazon episode The boys, heads began to explode before Vogelbaum gave testimony to Congress, and Homelander and Stormfront took Ryan away. In the season finale, The boys Season 2 Episode 8, Butcher struck a deal with Stan Edgar, and A-Train found Annie and Hughie.

“Swear on Lenny’s Soul”

Becca risked her life to escape Vought’s compound and found her way to the boys’ hiding place under the pawnshop. Butcher promised to get Ryan back. However, he met Stan Edgar to make a deal. He would find Ryan but alert Vought to extract him in exchange for information on Homelander’s whereabouts.

The boys prepared their guns to extract Ryan. Meanwhile, Becca made Butcher swear to bring Ryan back to her. When they managed to distract Stormfront and Homelander, Butcher got Ryan with Becca but asked MM to take them to Mallory. He confessed the deal with Edgar to Becca.


Edgar met with Alastair to discuss The Deep returning to The Seven. A-Train overheard Edgar hinting at Stormfront’s racism as a reason he couldn’t get back to The Seven, either. While Hughie and Annie were in the car, A-Train found them and gave them the Church’s information on Stormfront. This information reached the press and Alastair awarded A-Train. He would be the one returning to the Seven, not Deep.

Hughie and Annie tried to convince Maeve to testify, but she categorically refused. After the news of Stormfront was of a Nazi permeated by the press, she found the boys and detonated their arsenal. Kimiko and Annie fought her, but it wasn’t enough. However, Maeve did arrive and led Stormfront to fly away.

Not his fault

When Stormfront arrived, Butcher, Becca, and Ryan attempted to escape. However, Stormfront found them and tried to suffocate Becca to death. Ryan’s laser vision triggered and burned Stormfront and fatally injured Becca. With her last breath, she asked Butcher to promise that he would take care of Ryan and not blame him.

When Homelander arrived at the scene, he tried to convince Ryan to come with him. However, Ryan stayed with Butcher. Maeve arrived with the video of them on the plane and threatened to release her if Homelander harmed them. Butcher was able to bring Ryan to Mallory to protect him.

“Stay autonomous”

The Boys Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The boys went their separate ways, MM returning home to his family and Kimiko and Frenchie leaving the hideout together. Starlight stayed with the Seven and Vought. Hughie asked Victoria Neuman for a job because he wanted to work against Vought in his own way. However, it was revealed that Neuman was the Supe who exploded heads during the congressional hearing. After dealing with Alastair to get more information about Vought’s Supes, she killed him.

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The Boys Saison 2


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