The Big Picture Project outlet is shot down but the ugliest parts of the plan will be back | David Conn | Soccer


John Henry and Joel Glazer were not at the Premier League video reunion to promote the Big Picture project they worked in the US to reshape English football, or to take the flak of his shootout by other clubs . Despite the Premier League’s categorical statement that the plans ‘will neither be approved nor pursued’, the Liverpool owner would see it as a victory as all 20 clubs are committed to a strategic review, in which some of his proposals will inevitably be discussed. .Some EFL members were also trying to look on the bright side after a busy few days that didn’t shed the most flattering spotlight on the inner workings of the big game. They feel that at least the idea was surprisingly raised in Liverpool and Manchester United’s plan to share 25% of the Premier League’s billions of billions with the EFL, and must now be negotiated.


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