The Batman Set Photo Might Tease The Flash’s Existence


A new set photo of The Batman could tease the DC Flash speedster exists in Matt Reeves’ universe, starring Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight.

The last photo in the series The batman might tease The Flash’s existence in Matt Reeves’ DC movie. After Ben Affleck’s exit as Dark Knight and before his return for Flash, Warner DC Films remodel├ęs The batman to move forward without him. Reeves was brought in to direct and Robert Pattinson was cast to play a new Bruce Wayne. Fans got their first look at The batman with a trailer that debuts during DC FanDome.

Before viewers have a chance to see what Reeves and Pattinson think The batman Seems like one of the biggest questions surrounding the movie was how or if it was connected to the DC Extended Universe. It has since been confirmed that The batman exists in a separate universe but is still tangentially linked through the multiverse. This has led many to believe that Pattinson’s Batman would be the only major DC hero to appear. However, a set of recent photos teased Superman and Wonder Woman exist in The batmanaround the world, and now there’s potentially more evidence of another Justice League hero.

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Production on The batman soon moved to Chicago and resulted in the design of sets and props already underway. The set is currently not closed and has allowed some to travel through what will soon become Gotham. Fox 32 News anchor Jake Hamilton walked around the set and shared a few photos of Chicago’s transformation into Gotham, and one of them is particularly noteworthy. Hamilton shared a photo of a torn flyer and one piece that remains features a logo that is incredibly similar to the DC Flash superhero.

At first glance, this logo doesn’t directly correspond to the usual Flash logo, although the single-bolt design bears some similarities to the early logos used for Flash in the comics. Even without a direct translation from the comics, Reeves has already shown his willingness to give logos his own twist, with the Batman logo being an original design for the film. The same could be true for this potential Flash Easter Egg, as it doesn’t match what Ezra Miller’s Flash is wearing. This shouldn’t be too surprising since The batman takes place in a separate universe, but that would indicate that another version of Flash exists in that universe if it’s an Easter Egg for the Scarlet Speedster.

Since there is still a chance this lightning bolt will not be connected to Flash, fans should temper expectations for now. However, this possible Flash Easter Egg and the apparent existence of Superman and Wonder Woman indicate The batman set in a world where Batman isn’t the only superhero. Reeves may not build his own DC shared universe with new versions of Superman, Flash and more, but maybe The batman will include other major DC heroes as the franchise progresses.

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Source: Jake Hamilton

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