“The Bachelorette” star Clare Crawley addresses “inappropriate” Dodgeball game


Clare Crawley reacts to the backlash on a strip dodgeball game that featured in “The Bachelorette.”Viewers watched the contestants compete against each other for a chance to win a cocktail party with Crawley in an episode that aired Tuesday, October 20.

Competitors wearing the least amount of clothing at the end of the match were declared the losers and returned to their rooms.

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Crawley first showed his disapproval of what happened after agreeing to Bekah Martinez’s “Chatty Broads” podcast recap of the episode, in which co-host Jess Ambrose called the moment of “inappropriate”.

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“You, ladies, could not have been more specific on all of this! Thank you, ”the reality TV star said in a shared DM on the podcast’s Instagram account.

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Crawley also took to Twitter to share the perfect response to someone criticizing her for the game and claiming that she should have been subjected to the same treatment while on “The Bachelor.”

“It’s horrible that you had the guys take the clothes off if the bachelor asked the women to do the same things that everything would come off.” You were wrong. Juan Pablo [Galavis] should have undressed you, ”the Twitter user wrote.

“You mean like that?” Crawley replied, post a photo of Andi Dorfman and Lucy Aragon just wearing their underwear during a photoshoot with Juan Pablo.

Crawley also “liked” a tweet about the controversy, which read, “Hmmmm, it’s almost like forcing contestants to strip is a really tired production thing and not your idea at all.”


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