‘The Bachelorette’ Debut Promo Reminds Fans Why Clare Crawley Was Chosen For The Lead Role


La bachelorette The Season 16 premiere is just around the corner and ABC wants everyone to know that Clare Crawley isn’t here to play games.

When Crawley was announced as the new leader, fans rejoiced. Not only is the Sacramento native the oldest bachelor in the franchise at 39, she’s also reluctant to settle for less than she deserves.

Now, it’s been a hot minute since Bachelor Nation heard from the barber. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has stopped production and filming has been delayed. But in the last Bachelorette promo for the October 13 premiere, Crawley reminded fans exactly why she was cast for the role.

‘The Bachelorette’ Season 16 First Promo Teases Clare Crawley’s Major Drama On First Night

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On October 10, ABC dropped a new promo for La bachelorette first. The teaser opens with an anonymous contestant sharing a story Bachelor Nation fans already know about Crawley.

“She is 39 years old. She’s not the kind of woman to play games, ”the man said in a voiceover.

But as the trailer continues, it’s clear that there’s a bit of a disconnect between Crawley and his suitors. New BachelorettThe manager emphasizes that she is there to find love and it is no secret. However, a few candidates seem to think otherwise. At least, depending on the preview edition.

“She can’t cheat on everyone forever,” Ben Smith says in a faith-based interview. Then Ed Waisbrot apparently said to Crawley, “You’re all wrong. You are a completely different person. Meanwhile, Brendan Morais hints that something is going off the rails, saying, “There are no rules at this point.

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La bachelorette promo jumps to a clip of a screaming contestant digging Crawley towards the film crew. “I expected more from the older bachelor,” he says. Next, Crawley is seen in tears wearing the same dress from her argument with Yosef Aborady, which has been featured in previous trailers.

“I’m 39 years old and single because I didn’t settle for men like this», Dit Crawley.

Obviously, Crawley has to hold on this season, perhaps suggesting why all of the single’s promos have been about respect. But whatever happens, the franchise promises to deliver the drama on the first night.

“Tuesday, ‘Clare’ your schedule,” the narrator said in the preview. “After all the rumors, let’s make it perfectly ‘Clare’. The drama begins on the first night.

Clare Crawley talks about being “The Bachelorette”

Clare Crawley et Chris Harrison sur «The Bachelorette» | Craig Sjodin / ABC via Getty Images

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La bachelorette returns to ABC on Tuesday, Oct. 13 if the NBA Finals don’t go to Game 7. But whether or not Season 16 is delayed for viewers, it will be worth the wait. In an interview with People As of October 2020, Crawley revealed her first night was “magical.”

“It was definitely a long wait for the first night,” she says. “Seeing the men standing in a room and knowing that most of them have the same interests and goals as me, it was truly magical. They were all amazing. I could feel it in my bones.

But no matter how La bachelorette Season 16 concludes, Crawley seems happy with the way things have gone.

“I walked into this a complete woman,” Crawley said. “So whether or not I found myself or there was a different ending… I was ready for anything.” Knowing that no matter what happened to me, I could handle it.

She later added, “I know people watching, people seeing this, they’re going to judge a lot. They’re going to be like, ‘Why did she do that? What was that?’ But at the end of the day, I listened to my instincts, I followed my instincts. And that did not leave me lost. So you can’t go wrong with that.

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