The ally of the Brazilian leader suspended after the jackpot of underwear


SAO PAULO – A Brazilian lawmaker resigned from his post as representative of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government and was suspended from the Senate, after police searched his home and found money in the underwear he was wearing. Federal police have targeted Senator Chico Rodrigues of the state of Roraima as part of an investigation into the alleged COVID-19 embezzlement, according to the 90-day suspension issued by Luis Roberto Barroso, a Supreme Court judge from Brazil.

Police initially found 10,000 reais ($ 1,780) and $ 6,000 in a safe in the Rodrigues house on Wednesday, when lawmakers asked if he could use the bathroom, the police report said, part of which is included in Barroso’s decision. As Rodrigues walked away, a policeman noticed a large rectangular bulge under the senator’s shorts.

“There were piles of money in his underwear near his buttocks totaling 15,000 reais ($ 2,675),” the report said. The decision was reviewed by The Associated Press.

When asked three times if he had any extra cash, the senator angrily dug his hand into his underwear to retrieve more stacks of bills, which totaled 17,900 reais ($ 3,200 ), according to the report.

A subsequent police search revealed an additional 250 reais ($ 45) inside his underwear. There is a video of this search, which Barroso wrote in his decision that he refused to provide to the Senate because she was “good in her intimate clothes (of Rodrigues)?” And could cause “greater discomfort”.

Barroso wrote that Rodrigues’ decision to hide the money indicated an irregularity and raised the possibility of ordering preventive imprisonment. The Senate can vote to cancel the suspension.

“My house has been invaded for doing my job as a legislator, getting resources for the state to fight COVID-19,” Rodrigues said in a statement. “I believe in justice and will prove that I have nothing to do with a wrongful act. ”

Earlier Thursday, Rodrigues resigned his post as deputy leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Senate, according to the country’s official newspaper.

Bolsonaro won the presidency in large part because of his vow to tackle crime and corruption. However, his dedication to tackling crime faced skepticism following the resignation of his justice minister, Sergio Moro, earlier this year, alleging that Bolsonaro had attempted to intervene inappropriately in the federal police. Investigations are also underway targeting Bolsonaro’s sons, who are lawmakers.

Late Wednesday, shortly before online site Crusoe’s first report appeared on the police raid on the Rodrigues house, Bolsonaro said he would kick anyone in his government in the neck. deemed corrupt.

In the capital, Brasilia, Bolsonaro on Thursday reiterated his claim that his government had not been marred by scandals, as previous administrations have done. He also said that, unlike ministers and heads of state-owned enterprises, Rodrigues was not part of his government.

“We fight against corruption; the identity of the person does not make any difference, ”said Bolsonaro when asked about the Rodrigues case, adding that the investigation was a point of pride.

Rodrigues is a member of the Congress Joint Committee responsible for implementing the COVID-19 budget. —— Biller brought back from Rio de Janeiro


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