The 6 overwhelming words that show Celtic boss Neil Lennon is tired of flak


Celtic boss Neil Lennon has had his management credentials torn apart in the past 10 days. He took a verbal beating.His tactics and team selections have been slaughtered by experts. His summer signings and more established stars have been mutilated by former players.

Even his manners and sideline demeanor are scrutinized and used by some fans as a stick to beat him. Lennon could admit that he has suffered worse than that in the past as a Celtic player and coach. But even so, there is only so much that a man can take.

Last night, inside Lennoxtown, the Celtic manager appeared to reach that precise point and the responses were both sharp and provocative.

Hysterical, negative, panic, obnoxious – some of the adjectives he used as he tried to sum up an overreaction to the current situation regarding the form and recent results of his team.

It wasn’t the sound of the man on the end of his tether. Rather the opposite. Lennon looked like a man fiercely proud of his accomplishments and determined to stand up for himself and his players.

He said: “I have experienced a lot worse than that, a lot worse, both as a player and as a manager.

“It requires a certain perspective. I can’t control the hysteria, but what I can control is what we do on the training ground and what we do in games.

“It hasn’t been great this week. It’s been a tough week. But we do have a tough week every now and then.

“It’s how we react in a positive way that matters.”

The week in question began with the loss to the Rangers. This resulted in the loss to Milan and then the 3-3 draw in Aberdeen three days ago. Players who are missing due to injuries and Covid and the resulting rank disruption carry no weight with snipers.

Still, Lennon chose to point out some statistical facts. He said: “If we had seen Sunday’s game in Aberdeen instead of conceding a last minute equalizer we would have had the exact same point total we had at the same stadium last year and it has been a fantastic season. .

“All seasons are not the same, of course. You are always trying to improve yourself, but it is not always possible. We’re two points behind last time, so everything is fine.

“There is a lot of hysteria around which we cannot control. We’re just trying to stay as focused as possible and also taking advantage because a lot of good things came out of Sunday’s game.

“Everyone realizes the negative points, but there were also a lot of good things. The players showed a lot of good character to come back from 1-0. When we were 2-1, we got it at 3-2.

“It would have been a great victory under the circumstances, but we had to settle for one point.

“There is no panic here, no hysteria. We are looking forward to the matches.

“We are very tight. The players are well placed. I think they are examined to the nth degree. Some of the individual reviews are rude, but it’s my job to protect them from that and trust them. And I trust them.

“They are brilliant boys. They have proven themselves time and time again. We are only in October. We have a lot of work to do, but it’s really no different from other seasons.

While Lennon is upset by some of the attacks on his players, he finds it baffling to examine his behavior on the sideline.

During his first spell, he was labeled as too fiery. Back as a more measured and mature manager, his critics now want to argue that he isn’t spanked enough, like he doesn’t even care.

Lennon said: “This is absolute nonsense. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

“People are just looking for things that aren’t there. My behavior since my return 18 months ago has not changed at all. ”

What has changed in recent years are expectations. The demands have always been there, but runaway success means people
want more.

Lennon said: “There has certainly been a dramatic shift in mentality, but I think overall our supporters are fantastic.

“They’re probably feeling it a little bit this season compared to any other, but they’re giving us fantastic support. It’s a shame that they are not in the stadiums.

When asked if 10 in a row only added to the hysteria, Lennon added, “I don’t know how people feel about this. For me, you established your stand at the start of the season. The league is the priority and that has not changed.

“You work your season around that. We did well and these players are consistent winners. We lost a football match and
all of a sudden everyone wants everything to change. It’s wrong. “


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