Tesla refreshes Model 3 with improved range, heated steering wheel and more


In the letter: Tesla’s first mass vehicle (or as close to mass market as it is to the automaker), the Model 3, has just received a significant refresh for 2021. The new and improved Model 3 brings redesigned interior features, updated wheels and several other notable improvements.

This information comes from Electrek, whose authors saw the updated Model 3 for themselves and spoke to sources familiar with the inner workings of Tesla.

According to the outlet, and from what we could find thanks to Tesla’s Model 3 configuration tool, the Model 3 refresh brings a nice new center console with a matte finish and a sliding compartment. There would also be “new upholstery,” an electric trunk, double-glazed windows, a heated steering wheel (with a metallic finish) and various other functional and aesthetic changes.

More important than all of this, however, are the range enhancements that new Model 3 customers will enjoy from now on. The base Model 3 “Standard Range Plus” has an improved range of 263 miles per full charge, about 13 miles more than the older version.

The Performance 3 model saw similar improvements, now reaching 315 miles per full charge, up from 299 miles.

Electrek sources say the range increases are due to the efficiency improvements brought about by the “new heat pump system” which was implemented in the updated 3 models. The price of the vehicle, fortunately, has remained unchanged despite all these alterations.

The base Standard Range Plus car will still cost around $ 38,000 before incentives and savings, while the Performance model starts at around $ 55,000. The price of the long-range Model 3 also stagnates at $ 47,000.


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