Tesla begins production of 7-seater Model Y electric SUV with third row next month


Tesla will begin production of the 7-seater version of the Model Y electric SUV with a third row next month, according to a new comment from CEO Elon Musk.When the Model Y launched last year, Tesla surprised by installing a third row of seats in the small electric SUV.

The setup was not available at launch and Musk said it would arrive “probably early in the fourth quarter.”

We are now at the start of the fourth quarter and the CEO has updated the schedule.

Musk now says Tesla will start production of the 7-seater Model Y next month for the first deliveries in December:

Start of production in 7 places next month, first deliveries at the beginning of December.

Many potential Model Y buyers have been waiting for the 7-seater option, but questions have been raised about how Tesla will deliver the third row.

Over the past year since Tesla unveiled the Model Y prototype, we’ve had a few glimpses of the third-row seat, and it has raised concerns about its usefulness due to its extremely limited legroom. .

This has led people to suggest that Tesla might in fact opt ​​for rear-facing seats for the production version of the 7-seater Model Y.

During his teardown of the Model Y, Sandy Munro also believes he found evidence that Tesla could have incorporated certain features to receive a rear-facing third row.

It’s still unclear what the production version of the 7-seat Model Y will look like, but Tesla has certainly looked at the rear-facing seats recently.

Tesla used to have a rear-facing seat option for the Model S, and the automaker recently discussed bringing back rear-facing seats that would be large enough to accommodate adults in the Model S. .

Musk hasn’t discussed when Tesla plans to open orders for the 7-seater Model Y, but it should soon be if deliveries are due to start in less than two months.

Once Tesla opens the configurator for the new version of the Model Y, we should know the final design of the third row.

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