Tesco becomes the last supermarket to install the TRAFFIC LIGHTS system on its store doors



Tesco has launched a traffic light system to let customers know whether or not they can enter the store to enable social distancing.

Supermarkets have had to control the number of customers entering their store since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with queues and commissioners telling customers when it is safe to enter.

Tesco has joined Aldi, which has already introduced a traffic light system, and Home Bargains, who are working on their introduction.

It is unknown what type of system the supermarket will use and how many branches it will be implemented in, The Sun reported.

Tesco has launched a traffic light system to tell customers whether or not they can enter, as stores continue to monitor customer numbers amid the coronavirus pandemic in order to meet social distancing guidelines (Photo d ‘archive)

“Over the next few weeks you will also start to see a simple system of ‘traffic lights’ at the entrances to some of our larger stores, to help us manage the flow in and out,” said the boss of Tesco, Jason Tarry, in an email to clients. .

Aldi’s traffic light system was introduced at the end of May, with bright red LED lights above the entrances to its stores.

The lights are green if customers are allowed in and it depends on how many buyers are inside at that time.

They rely on sensors in the doors that count the number of people entering the store and the number of people leaving.

In May, the German low-budget retailer confirmed that the doors will remain closed and locked until the light turns green.

He added that fully trained marshals would patrol stores at all times “as needed” to ensure that social distancing guidelines were followed.

Many supermarkets have installed protective screens at checkouts and have installed a one-way system to enable social distancing.

Under current guidelines, shoppers are advised to stay within 2 meters of each other whenever possible and wear a face mask while shopping, unless exempted.

Economy supermarket Aldi introduced a traffic light system in May that locked the doors until the LED light above the entrance turned green

Economy supermarket Aldi introduced a traffic light system in May that locked the doors until the LED light above the entrance turned green

Aldi Director of Communications Richard Thornton said: “The protection and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority and this new system is an accurate and efficient way to allow us to control the number of customers in stores.

“The trial of the system has been well received by our customers and we will be gradually rolling out this new social distancing measure across the country starting this week.

It has also set up “sanitation stations” and signs with advice on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus when shopping.

The German discount supermarket chain has 875 stores across Great Britain and employs 33,000 people. It plans to expand to 1,200 stores by the middle of the decade.

In March, supermarkets had to place restrictions on popular items like toilet paper and pasta after customers started stocking.

In recent weeks, some supermarkets have had to reintroduce these restrictions after fears of a second wave led some to buy more items than needed.


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