Terrified 9-year-old girl runs away after ‘creepy’ man comes out of bushes and says ‘come here’ – World News


A nine-year-old girl spoke of her terror of being followed by a “scary” man when she returned from school.Bella Boyer was walking through Quinns Rocks in north Perth when a man emerged from some bushes.

She said he followed her down the street and told her “come here”.

The girl told 7News Perth: “He had that creepy smile on his face and said ‘come here’. ”

Bella said she tried to run away but the man continued to follow her down the street to Foundation Park.

The nine-year-old added that she was really scared and described the man as wearing black clothes.

Bella’s mother Nicole Boyer said she understood something was wrong as soon as her daughter arrived home

She said, “He all wore black clothes, black boots, black hair and a big beard. ”

Her mother, Nicole Boyer, said the experience was “every parent’s worst nightmare,” Perth Now reports.

Nicole said she realized that something was wrong as soon as Bella arrived home.

The girl said to her mother: “There is this guy and he is going to get me. “

Bella urged others not to listen to the man

A Western Australian Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that police were present and conducted a patrol in the area, including the route Bella had taken.

Officers could not find anyone matching Bella’s description and said the other residents had not noticed anything suspicious.

Bella, however, urged other residents to avoid the man and not listen to what he says.

Mirror Online has contacted police in Western Australia for comment.


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