Suzanne Somers “on the mend” after neck surgery after injuring vertebrae in a bad fall


Suzanne Somers, 73, recovers at home after a bad fall.According to the “Three’s Company” alum’s Instagram post, she had neck surgery after the fall. But the surgery was successful.

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Somers and her husband / manager, Alan Hamel, released a statement on Wednesday, explaining why the couple were absent from their live streams on Facebook. During their coronavirus quarantine together, Somers and Hamel regularly broadcast live from their home bar, which they call Big Al’s.

“Thank you very much for all of your concerns while Alan and I took a break from our regular schedule. As most of you know, I struggled most of the year with a broken hip and then Alan and I had an unfortunate fall on our way down the stairs of our house, ”it reads. in the message. “I had severe pain after the fall which did not resolve – even after taking tequila! After several scans, it was determined that I had two displaced vertebrae which put pressure on the nerves and caused this tremendous pain.

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She added, “The good news is that I have had neck surgery to correct these problems and I am on the mend! I need a little more time to recover before I can join you again at the bar for our virtual cocktails.

Hamel added more details in a statement he provided to ET Canada.

“Yes, everything is true. We live on a mountain and for 43 years Suzanne and I have had BILLY WON on this mountain without a problem, without an accident, with nothing, ”he explained.

“A few weeks ago we were leaving our room and I stepped on a rock, lost my balance and started to descend. We were holding hands at the time, so Suzanne went down with me and landed at the top. At that split second moment, I was hoping that I had caught the fall and its fall was cushioned by me, but it wasn’t. I was not injured but she was quite badly hit and for a while she had terrible neck and shoulder pain. X-rays reveal that she had damaged the vertebrae in her neck, that she had surgery which corrected the problem and also took away the pain she was feeling. The only pain now is the pain from the surgery which also wears off very quickly, ”Hamel continued.

“She’ll be wearing a neck brace next month, and you’ll see her during our regular Facebook live hours Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and as usual a lot of tequila will be flowing, which we found is a great way to take the pain away.” He joked.

“All of Suzanne’s great organics that I had planned to present to you this week will still be featured and at a great price and she will be posting on as well as all other social platforms about what happened and her recovery. “, he added .

Thanking fans for the thousands of good wishes that poured out, he said: “Every once in a while life gives you the finger and once you work your way through the negatives you can truly appreciate the happiness. … Suzanne really loves her and cares about her. friends with whom she talks on Facebook Live and can’t wait until next week when she plans to come back. Bring your own tequila. ”

Somers and Hamel have been married since 1977.


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