Surrey Coronavirus: Biggest Difference Between Level 1 and Level 2 Lockdown for Elmbridge and Rest of County


Elmbridge is the first area of ​​Surrey to enter Level 2 of the government’s new coronavirus lockdown system. Stricter rules will come into effect for towns such as Cobham, Walton, Esher, Weybridge and Molesey from one minute after midnight (12:01 am) on Saturday October 17th.

The rest of the county will remain at level 1, considered a “medium risk”.

In all parts of England the ‘Hands. Face. The Space ‘continues, however, residents and visitors to Surrey should be aware of the different rules that apply at each level.

The biggest difference between the two levels is who you can meet inside and out, which is explained below.

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Level 2 (Elmbridge)

  • INSIDE – Do not meet your friends or family indoors in any place unless you live with them or have formed a supportive bubble with them, including in pubs and restaurants.
  • OUTSIDE – You may continue to see friends and family you don’t live with (or haven’t formed a supportive bubble with) outdoors, including in a garden or other outdoor space, but this must not be in a group of more than six (including children).

Level 1 (rest of Surrey)

  • Inside and outside – You can meet friends and family that you don’t live with (or with whom you haven’t formed a supportive bubble) indoors and outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be in a group of people. more than six (including children).


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