“Supernatural” Recap: Season 15, Episode 16


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Oh no, Dean is keeping a secret from Sam. It can’t be good.

This Thursday Supernatural, the Winchesters get a call from Caitlin, the sister of an old friend, Travis, who recently committed suicide in a motel room. When Dean and Sam arrive for the funeral, Kaitlin tells them that it has already happened last week. Lying was the only way she could make sure they would come. Then she reveals that she thinks the monster they used to hunt when they were kids is back and that’s what killed Travis.

In the 1993 flashbacks, we find young Dean and Sam at a motel, where John drops them off while he’s on the hunt. Dean laughs at Sam’s college guide (” This is our life ”), then bond with the maid’s daughter, Caitlin, who impresses with her knowledge of the car (“ Who is your father? Knight Rider? ”she growls).

When little Travis is attacked by a female witch in the vending machine, Dean goes into hunter mode. But while he tracks down the witch’s nest, she comes after Travis and Sam at the motel. Fortunately, Dean arrives in time to cut his fingers off. Thinking the job is done, Dean gives Caitlin his number in case she needs it, but she hopes she never gets to use it. As John takes them, Dean tries to make amends with Sam for his remark in college, adding, “We make a good team, don’t we?”

But back in the present, the worst is not over: Baba Yaga, as Sam identifies, appears to Dean in the form of his young self and says, “You know what to do. You have failed. Dean is about to stab himself when Sam arrives to stop him. Dean confesses that in 1993 he saw all the bodies of the missing children in the witch’s nest, and it bothered him so much that he had nightmares for a long time. Dean apologizes to Sam for never telling him about it, but Sam says it’s okay. After all, he was just a child, and they kept a lot of secrets from each other. Oh, Sammy.

Caitlin thinks Dean has changed on his own. As you get older, “you tell the truth more because you know that lies don’t improve anything,” she notes. So after Dean killed Baba Yaga for good this time by destroying his ring, aka the source of his power, he finally made it clear to Sam that Jack had to die to defeat Chuck. He also shares what Billie said about when Chuck finished destroying the other worlds.

“I thought we went stuff like that ?! An angry Sam exclaims. Dean argues that with Sam’s second guess and ethical questions about Amara, he couldn’t handle the truth about Jack. If they want to break free from Chuck, they have no choice. As he said to Billie, “I need his death. I don’t need to like every part of the plan.

Dean tries to apologize for lying, but Sam pleads, “Just drive. ”

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