Stunning photo of arch of moon and northern lights in Canada goes viral


A Canadian photographer and aurora hunter shared a photo of a beautiful and rare sight.Dar Tanner posted the photo on Twitter and Instagram showing what is known as a ‘moon arch’ alongside the Northern Lights.

“The Arc de Lune is formed of a near-full moon behind you shining rain or moisture in the clouds in front of you,” Tanner wrote. “But seeing the Aurora dance through it was mind blowing! I also like the way the Big Dipper is right up front. One for the books, that’s for sure!

The spectacular photo was taken in Castor, Alta., On Sunday evening.

According to Weather Network, “A lunar rainbow is, in essence, a lunar rainbow that is seen at night, as light from the Moon is backscattered by water droplets or raindrops. ”

“Basically, moonlight enters one side of a water droplet or raindrop, it is refracted on the inner surface of the opposite side of that droplet or raindrop, so it comes out. of the droplet or raindrop in the direction it came from, then it is picked up by our eyes (or by a camera). ”

The month of October will be ideal for witnessing celestial events, two full moons (including one on Halloween) and opposition to Mars.

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