Student dies and campus gets serious about coronavirus


Graduate teaching assistant Chloe Dorin called on the university to cancel athletics, close dormitories, dissolve Greek life and resume online teaching, in letter to university officials released Saturday on Facebook. “Our lives,” she writes, “are in your hands.

In a letter to students, Chancellor Sheri Everts said the school has added an additional testing event, expanded contact tracing resources and suspended football practice.

“If we need it, we are ready to move on to fully distance learning,” Dr. Everts wrote, urge students to wear masks and to “hold each other accountable”.

As students absorbed the final blows of the pandemic, the campus was quiet on Friday, deprived of the usual crowd of students entering and exiting university buildings. Signs posted in flower beds and around buildings warned students to wear masks. Most seemed to comply.

Emma Metzger, senior and communications major, said the death was “a big wake-up call for a lot of people,” although many students “still only wear masks because they don’t want people to think badly about it. ‘them in public. ”

Ms Metzger said she had her own fear of Covid about two weeks ago when her roommate’s boyfriend learned he had been with infected students. With her parents planning to visit this weekend, she said, she tried to take a quick test on campus, only to be told she would have to wait four days. The closest CVS pharmacy with quick results was in Tennessee, so she called her family doctor, who sent her to a health facility within 90 minutes.

She tested negative, she says, but the experience has left her impatient with those who ignore the precautions. A friend texted him Thursday, saying he had tested positive, she said, “and then literally two hours later a girl from our sorority posted a picture, and he was on the phone. Photo!


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