Storyhouse Deva Stadium Drive-In Theater Will Now Move On After Addressing The ‘Washroom Door’ Issue


The bosses of Chester’s Storyhouse have said their Halloween Drive-in cinema event in the parking lot of the Chester FC stadium will take place after all.

Earlier this week, they said they were looking for a new location for the drive-in theater because of what they described as a “bathroom door.”

Part of Chester FC’s home ground is in England and Wales and the border with Flintshire runs through the middle of the stadium car park.

The theater troupe has already had to reimburse customers who live in Wales as they are now prohibited from leaving their place of residence under lockdown rules.

People living in England do not have the right to enter Wales and the stadium loos are in the Welsh region.

People getting lost in the wrong part of the parking lot would mean the North Wales Police should act.

Storyhouse has now purchased portaloos so that customers can “have a little pee without breaking the law.”

On Friday, they posted an update on social media:

“Thanks so much for the support (and puns) over the past few days as we tackled one of the weirder and more surprising issues with the lockdown, the bathroom door!”

“We are more determined than ever to bring the much-needed joy and would be devastated to cancel and disappoint our bookers. So now we have a plan.

“We will stay at the Deva Stadium, but we have reduced the capacity so that we can comfortably seat all the cars on the English side of the border and carefully manage entry and exit.

“We will also provide portaloos so that customers can have a little pee without breaking the law!”

“Unfortunately, we will have to cancel our hot dogs as we will no longer be able to provide them on site, however, you are of course always welcome to bring your own food and drink with you. You can always buy our amazing retro candy boxes if you fancy a treat. ”

“For most bookers, that means everything is going as planned. For some bookers this means some disruption to your event. All customers have been contacted by e-mail. ”

Storyhouse Managing Director Andrew Bentley told BBC Radio Wales:

“We knew the car park was in Wales, obviously we’ve been doing this for a long time [Wales] circuit breaker has occurred.

The border runs down the middle of Deva Stadium and part of the car park is in Wales.

“You can’t get there from Wales, you have to drive on Sealand Road in England to enter the parking lot.

“When the level 2 restrictions in Chester were introduced, we got a license from England to be able to do it on both sides of the border.

‘We asked the North Wales Police if we would allow our customers to cross England back to Wales to watch the film, they said they couldn’t as they would have enforced this border, we were a little cranky about it.

“Then the breaker went in and we can’t run the Wales cinema anyway, we thought we were going to go over to the English side of the car park, but the toilets are still in the stands that are in the country of Wales.

We asked the police if customers use the toilet in Wales and they said no so we thought it was obviously a slightly humorous story so it’s over.

“We can see the humor, obviously people are in a much worse situation than they are.”

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