Stimulus Bill Negotiations Continue: What We Know About Autonomous Checks and Air Aid


The clock is ticking for Congress to come to a deal before breaking off for the election. Sarah Tew / CNET

Can the White House and Congress find a path to more stimulus aid before the end of 2020? President Donald Trump – who is currently being treated for COVID-19canceled negotiations Tuesday for a comprehensive stimulus program and then quickly urged Congress to focus on stand-alone rescue bills for airline rescue assistance, small businesses and a second stimulus check of $ 1,200. On Fox Business Thursday morning, the president said he was negotiating “a bigger deal” than the air package and the talks were “very productive.”

As unemployment for the first time claims over 800,000 last week, the need for more assistance for Americans and struggling businesses coronavirus-induced recession remains acute. Economists across the country, including Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, have warned of the dire consequences for economic recovery and livelihoods if no help arrives – or not enough.

“Well, it’s hard to see a clear and healthy path in all that [Trump] made. But the point is, he saw the political downside of his declaration of walking away from the negotiations, “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday.” All he ever wanted in negotiations was to ‘send a check with their name printed on it. Forget the virus. “Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continue to talk a stand-alone invoice to help the airline industry.

While Pelosi rejects a autonomous stimulus control bill without a commitment to a larger bill, even if this does not happen “at the same time” as a stand-alone law. Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, also called for a return to a bigger stimulus bill: “I strongly recommend all of my colleagues and President @realdonaldTrump to look at House Problem-Solvers’ $ 1.5 trillion bipartisan stimulus package. It has a lot of good things for individuals and businesses, ”he tweeted on Wednesday.

Why did Trump roll back the biggest stimulus package and what is the revised timeline for passing a new bill? We’ll share what we know about the suddenly precarious future of the negotiations and update this story often as the news unfolds.

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Why has Trump cut off stimulus talks?

Earlier this week, Pelosi said negotiators would reach agreement on a comprehensive package ” One way or another, “Despite the sticking points. So why did Trump pull the plug?

With Election day In 26 days, the reasoning shared by Trump included his belief that a deal on a stimulus package would not be reached and that he wanted the Senate to turn its attention to the nomination of Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett, the choice of the president. It has been suggested that Trump and other high-ranking Republicans who have tested positive for COVID-19 acquired the coronavirus on the day of Barrett’s appointment, at events where mask wear was not universal.

The Senate, which suspended in-person votes until Oct. 19 after three Republicans tested positive for COVID-19, is already moving ahead on Barrett’s appointment at committee meetings, which can take place remotely. Prior to Trump’s tweets, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had said his chamber would meet again to vote on a stimulus package if a deal was reached.

And a tweet from Trump early Tuesday made it clear that he wanted more help: “When, immediately after I win, we pass a major stimulus bill that focuses on hard-working Americans and small businesses,” he tweeted.

On Thursday, however, in an interview with Fox Business, Trump said, “We’re starting to have very productive discussions” on increased tax assistance, specifically mentioning airline aid and $ 1,200 stimulus checks.

When could a new coronavirus relief bill be passed if nothing happens before November 3?

Pelosi said Tuesday evening that Congress could pick up the thread of another economic bailout after the election. Trump, however, is urging action now. We have suggested five possible dates, depending on the new calendar, before and after the November elections. This is just speculation. In the case of a second stimulus check, here is how quickly we think the IRS might send one.

When could a bill or a stand-alone stimulus package be adopted?

House votes

Senate votes

President sign

October 19

October 20

21st of October

November 9

November 10

November 11th

November 16

November 17

November 18

23 november

November 24

November 25

February 1, 2021

February 2, 2021

February 3, 2021

Did the House not recently pass a new stimulus bill? What is the story?

On October 1, the House of Representatives adopted a revised hero law which includes a second stimulus check and additional benefits such as improved unemployment benefits for tens of millions of Americans. The new House bill, approved mainly by Democrats, however, is unlikely to pass through the Republican-controlled Senate.

According to Pelosi, the vote on the revised hero bill was independent of the ongoing negotiations with Mnuchin. If Pelosi and Mnuchin agree on a new proposal, a new bill will need to be drafted separately and voted on in both the House and Senate before being enacted. The total cost of the program and funding allocations such as a child tax credit remained the main sticking points.


Will America Pass New Stimulus Bill? Both parties agree that further assistance is needed.

Angela Lang / CNET

Why did the House pass Heroes 2.0 if the discussions continued?

The vote is believed to provide cover for House Democrats as they campaign without a new relief bill, just as the Senate did earlier in September for Republican MPs with its skinny bill. 650 billion dollars. Like the skinny Senate bill, this new House proposal is unlikely to advance in the other chamber.

What do Democrats and Republicans agree on?

Proposals for both sides include another stimulus payment up to $ 1,200 for individuals that meet the requirements, among topics such as airline assistance, coronavirus testing, and extending the paycheck protection program for businesses.


Democrats and Republicans disagree on how much humanitarian aid to include in the stimulus package.

Sarah Tew / CNET

With talks on hold, could the President take any executive action?

After the end of the discussions on August 7, Trump signed an executive order and three memoranda The next day. It is possible that more executive action may be forthcoming if this latest negotiation attempt fails ahead of the election, though there was no development after Trump first suggested his administration could consider other executive action to bypass Congress.

It’s unclear whether Trump would pursue more unilateral action at this point.

Pelosi has expressed doubts over Trump’s ability to use executive orders to secure additional funding.

” No. He cannot do that by decree, ”she said on October 5. “He can’t make money without the United States Congress. The power of the stock market begins in the House. ”

Trump’s previous COVID-19 relief executive actions attempt to slow expulsions, extending unemployment benefits to a lesser extent and report des charges sociales until next year.

What shall we do now?

The situation is still changing. For now, we are waiting to see if there are any developments. Anything can still happen.

For more information, here is how long you could get your second stimulation test and what to know about HEALING, CARING and Heroes proposals for stimulus bills that could contribute to the development of a final package.


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