Still in the shadow of his father or natural heir to a political dynasty? The rise of Donald Trump Jr


Mr. Trump Jr was tasked with helping run the family business, the Trump Organization, along with his brother Eric when their father became president. They did not follow their sister Ivanka to the White House.

But, drawn to politics, Mr. Trump Jr. quickly became a hit on the Republican donor circuit. In the 2018 midterm elections, he spent months traveling the country running alongside congressional candidates, attracting supporters and dollars.

This year, it’s the same but intensified. This week, Mr. Trump Jr hosted about 25 different events in more than half a dozen states, according to advisers. He plans to continue doing the same until election day on November 3.

There have been controversies. An avid social media user like his father, Mr. Trump Jr. has drawn criticism. He previously tweeted an image of Pepe the Frog, an Internet memo adopted by white nationalists. He said he was not aware of the link.

Sam Nunberg, who advised Mr. Trump Sr on politics between 2011 and 2015, including the basics of his 2016 presidential campaign, is not surprised at Mr. Trump Jr’s stint in the campaign.

“He is the most politically sensitive among children to the type of voter, the movement and the types of campaigns his father was going to lead and succeed,” Mr Nunberg told The Telegraph.

“He comes across as an ordinary guy who always works hard and wasn’t raised with a golden spoon. It seems very relatable. He is the greatest political asset of all the President’s children.

A senior Trump campaign official helping run Western states agreed. “He looks a lot like his father. I think that’s why the base loves it.

If he runs in the election, statewide positions could be sought first – such as the position of governor of Florida. Many Trump voters have dismissed criticism that, like the Clintons and Bushmen, this would be just another political dynasty of insiders.


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