Stephen Colbert returns with sobering Friday monologue on Trump’s COVID diagnosis


Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

A rare Friday Last show, Stephen Colbert noted that these double-talk assassins in Merriam-Webster reported a 30 thousand percent increase in Internet searches, the term ” SchadenfreudeIn the immediate wake of the announcement early Friday morning that Donald Trump a contracté COVID-19. Now Colbert could have jumped on the Schadenfreude Express that crashed into the Trump train, given his lack of undisguised love for Trump. “Like it or not,” Colbert began a sentence of his Last show monologue, “and for the record – no. “But Colbert, concluding an unexpected Friday show (it usually takes the end of the week), mostly managed to avoid jumping on the” we told you, irresponsible and careless monster”Train moving. Most.

That even though the timeline of how the COVID virus has infiltrated an astonishing (and increasing at press time) numbers from the White House, the GOP and the press corps by air shows that the Trump administration is just as criminally flawless at the micro level as it is in allowing more than 200,000 Americans die since this increasingly apocalyptic nightmare began. As Colbert noted in a comical biting exercise in contact tracing (as opposed to the sick joke It’s the complete lack of the same in the White House), Trump officials knew as early as Wednesday that Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks was showing symptoms of the disease as she flew on the test tube to air shared with Wings which is Air Force One after attending one of Trump’s hateful gatherings against masks and spit. And that Trump, finding out about Hicks’ positive test on Thursday morning, decided to both keep this fact a secret (because, uh, we’ll get back to you on that), and to continue his daily routine of making fun of everyone who choose. wear a mask and practice social distancing while pressing down on the then infected flesh.

Including at one of the Trumps Caddyshack– fundraising nights at a golf club, where on Thursday – and fully aware of the contagious nature of one of his closest confidants – Trump met, up close and without a mask, 50 of his most rich and the most enslaved. As Colbert noted, paying, in some cases, more than a quarter of a million dollars just to have Donald Trump maybe infect you with the illness he didn’t take seriously, it’s the kind of surprise nobody expected in their country club commemorative gift bag. Colbert also explained that Trump’s policy of silence about this whole ‘whoopsie, we maybe gave you a deadly infection’ situation has extended to the White House press secretary and former conversation of Fox News blonde Kayleigh McEnany, who held her regular Thursday briefing, without a mask, before we talked about Hicks. Likewise, as Colbert described it, “the friend of the series and the enemy of democracy” Chris Christie – who spent four days prepping a debate to avoid masks alongside Everyone’s Rudy Giulinai – should have learned more about the epidemic on television. Several members of the White House press corps also subsequently tested positive for COVID, for bravely doing their job, dutifully reporting the people who routinely ordered them. take off their masks by asking questions.

And forget about liar spokespersons like McEnany and Christie who at least signed a ride-or-death oath to Trump. As Colbert noted with genuine concern, Trump himself may very well have been asymptomatically contagious during Monday’s debate, where nearly all of his people stuck to his ‘masks are for pussies’ philosophy. contempt policies of the Cleveland Clinic host. (Literally everyone involved in this debacle is being seriously cleaned up as we speak.) And despite the Democratic candidate and the person wearing a mask in public because he’s not a fucking idiot Joe Biden being in what Colbert aptly described as Trump’s “projection area” before learning about the potential super-spreader event through reporting. (The former vice president and Ms Biden, as well as future vice president Kamala Harris and her husband have so far tested negative, thankfully.)

The same cannot be said of an alarming and hourly multiplication number of GOP officials, all of whom have tested positive for COVID, including Trump and Ms Trump, Hicks, Kellyanne Conway (revealed by furious daughter on TikTok), RNC President Ronna McDaniel, Republican Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Mike Lee (R-UT), several White House staff, several reporters and the President of Notre Dame, all in attendance , coincidentally, to the Rose Garden party nomination of potential Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett last Saturday. Yes, no one – including Barrett and his children present – wore a mask. (Feed check: add Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien to the list.)

What if anyone is up to a conspiracy theory on some sort of comeuppance curse – just because the GOP, trying to break through a conservative ideologue in defiance of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s last wish, appear to face some sort of ironic retribution in the form of illness emanating from the very rally celebrating the release party of Barrett, the enemy of the Affordable Care Act. The reality, as Colbert summed it up (showing a clip of the president being airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center on Marine One) is scary enough without you bringing frightening divine justice to it.

Wear a mask. Don’t be a Republican.


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