Spinco’s patient zero ‘likely’ caught COVID-19 from Toronto bar, province says


The person who may have sparked Hamilton’s biggest ongoing COVID-19 outbreak may have caught the virus from a Toronto bar, according to provincial public health officials.“The great SpinCo epidemic in Hamilton started with a person who likely got infected in a bar in Toronto,” said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Associate Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, on Monday.

Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS) did not confirm these details when asked about Yaffe’s comment on Tuesday.

HPHS also did not identify this possible connection when it shared a graph of the spread of the outbreak to the downtown spin studio in Hamilton.

There have been 54 primary cases (52 runners and two staff) connected to the spin studio on James Street N., as well as at least 31 secondary cases such as family, friends or other contacts who were exposed to infected people there.

The epidemic has also affected a number of businesses, including households, schools and daycares, health facilities and other workplaces (restaurants, gyms, retail stores, etc.).

Throughout the process, HPHS and the owners of Spinco Hamilton said all COVID-19 protocols were followed.

Spinco has since temporarily closed its film studios in “affected” areas of Ontario and the province is reconsidering guidelines to stop the spread of the virus in fitness facilities.


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