South China Sea: Xi Jinping Warns “Bullying” Will Be Tackled “Head-On” in Contested Waters | World | News


The Chinese president issued the warning on Friday in the Great Hall of the People as he mocked China’s resistance to US animosity in the South China Sea. President Xi hinted at pressure from the United States that China “will fight and fight to the end, even if you are the world’s number one superpower.”

He added, “Any actions that focus only on oneself and any effort to engage in hegemony and bullying just won’t work, not only won’t it work, it will be a dead end. “
The Chinese leader also attacked Washington saying that “unilateralism, protectionism and selfishness will never work”.

He added: “Blackmail, blockades and extreme pressure just won’t get anywhere.

“Any act of hegemony and intimidation will never work.

“It will ultimately lead to a dead end. “

He added: “Seventy years ago, the imperialist invaders fired at the threshold of a new China.

“The Chinese people have understood that you have to use the language that the invaders can understand.

“You must wage war with war and stop an invasion by force, gain peace and respect by victory.

In an editorial in the state-owned Global Times newspaper published last week, Xi said, “When China was very poor, it did not surrender under pressure from the United States.

“Today, China has become a strong country, so there is no reason for China to fear American threats and repression.”

In the article, published last Wednesday, he boasted of the “glorious victory” which “left Americans with the deepest impression that what the Chinese say matters” and of respecting “China’s red lines.”

Xi also warned that China was ready to “fight war with war.”

He added, “We have shown the world the courage of our armed forces to fight and win. ”

The Korean Civil War was the only military clash between China and the United States.

The meeting preceded an impasse between the two nations.

But President Xi insisted that the ruling Communist Party will always maintain “absolute leadership” over the armed forces.


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