Some voters may receive their ballot in the mail too late, warns Elections BC


Due to an unprecedented number of requests for mail-in voting kits, Elections BC says it is struggling to keep up and warns that some voters may receive their kits after the recommended deadline.So far, Elections BC has released 670,033 mail-in voting kits this election season. That’s an increase of over 663,000 from the 2017 election where 6,517 people voted by mail.

“Elections BC is working as quickly as possible to process parcel requests, produce mail-in voting parcels and send them to Canada Post for delivery,” he said in a statement.

“It is possible that voters, especially those requesting a voting kit this week, will receive their postal voting kit after the recommended deadline for mailing it back on October 17. “

It says that if a voter receives a package after the deadline, they must return it in person to a designated drop-off location. Or, he says, they can vote in person during advance polls or on polling day.

Elections BC claims to have already received, as of October 13, more than 138,000 completed postal voting kits.


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