‘So cute’: Trump yells at Savannah Guthrie as she asks about coronavirus, white supremacy and QAnon


The President and Ms Guthrie traded beards during a lively opening of the NBC event.

Mr Trump even said sarcastically to the TV host “so cute” when she urged him to expose QAnon’s savage conspiracy theories.

Trump’s animosity towards Ms Guthrie began when she pressed him on his administration’s response to the coronavirus and compared it negatively to European countries.

Mr. Trump backed up his point with statistics and told him, “I knew you would do this, I know you very well.

They clashed again when Ms Guthrie asked the president to speak out against white supremacy and asked why he had failed to do so before.

“You always do this, you did this to me and to everyone. I spoke out against white supremacy, I spoke out against it for years, you always do that, you always start with a question. You didn’t ask Joe Biden if he was denouncing Antifa.

Ms Guthrie then pressed the president on QAnon.

“I don’t know about QAnon, tell me everything and let’s waste the whole series,” the president said.

Mr. Trump then asked again why she hadn’t asked Mr. Biden about Antifa, and she told him she was talking to him and not the former vice president.

“Ha ha, so cute,” the president said icily.


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