SNL’s cold opening was a drinking game debate between Jim Carrey’s Biden and Alec Baldwin’s Trump


Saturday Night Live parodied the final presidential debate in his opening sketch on Saturday, portraying President Donald Trump as ignorant and unresponsive of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as comically old-fashioned and clumsy about everything.

Maya Rudolph, host and NBC reporter Kristen Welker, began the debate by reminding attendees that she had a mute button – a feature that was added to the final debate due to Trump’s relentless interruptions during the first debate in September .

“Tonight we have a mute button, because it was either that or tranquilizer darts – and the president has a very high tolerance for those who have been on his Covid treatment,” Rudolph’s Welker said.

At the start of the debate, Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, immediately downplayed the virus as worthy of public concern.

“Coronavirus – boring, right? We’re doing very well, ”Baldwin said. “We’re rounding the corner, in fact we’ve done so many corners we’ve gone around the block that we’re back to where we started in March.

Biden, played by Jim Carrey, retorted, “Come on man, we’re in the middle of a third wave! Where I’m from if a girl gave you a third wave, you were pretty much married.

Later, Baldwin’s Trump promised that a coronavirus vaccine would be distributed by the military in spectacular fashion: “The military will come and shoot you with a cannon in your face.”

He then spoke about his own experience with Covid-19.

“Look, I had him, it was very mean to me, but I beat him, and now the doctors say I can never die,” Baldwin said. “And this virus said to me, ‘Sir, sir, I have to leave your body.’ Now the virus was crying, very sad. He didn’t want to leave my body. And the point is, we are all learning to live with it.

Dramatizing Biden’s actual response to Trump by saying, “We are learning to live with it,” on Thursday, Carrey said with a squint, “Learning to live with it? We learn to die with him man!

Overall, Biden’s debate performance was called “a bit spirited”, and SNL satirized by asking Rudolph’s Welker to interrupt the process to observe, “Looks like Mr. Biden is so angry he’s doing it a little bit in Eastwood,” in a reference to actor and director Clint Eastwood.

“It’s true, now I think the little lady asked you about a map, why don’t you enlighten us, punk?” Carrey said.

Rudy Giuliani, played by Kate McKinnon, also made a cameo appearance during the debate.

“Prepare for this bomb of truth!” Shouted McKinnon’s Giuliani. “Your son Hunter got $ 3 million from Moscow and his friend Tony Babdooey has emails on Hell’s wet cell phone!” And our eyewitness has seen it all and he’s blind!

The statement refers to a questionable story published by the New York Post alleging the discovery of inappropriate emails by Hunter Biden on a laptop left in a repair shop. As Vox’s Andrew Prokop recently explained, “Questions have been raised as to whether this story is accurate and whether all of the information allegedly on the laptop is genuine.

In making his final statement, Carrey’s Biden presented himself as the safe option by comparing himself to a reliable car.

“Listen, everyone, you know who he is and you know who I am,” he says. “I’m good old Joe. I am reliable as a rock. I have obtained a five-star safety rating and am rated best mid-class by JD Power and Associates. I don’t have a gold toilet seat. I have a soft, spongy one that hisses every time I park my keister.

“I only do two things,” he added. “I kick ass and take trains. And I don’t see any train in sight. And this ladies and gentlemen, this is not a malarkey.

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