SNL host Bill Burr raises eyebrows with jokes about cancellation culture, awakened movement, gay pride – Deadline


Bill Burr launched his Saturday Night Live debut flaunting his non-politically correct stand-up style and raising his eyebrows. He began by respecting the anti-masks’ decision not to camouflage themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.”I don’t care if it’s your decision, it’s too crowded,” he said. “If you are that stupid and want to kill your family members then do it, it stops you from producing.”

His take on anti-masks comes after noting that masked members of the SNL public reminded him of surgeons. But the people who chose not to follow the CDC’s recommendations weren’t the only targets of Burr’s opening monologue. The comedian embraced the culture of cancellation, awakened culture, and gay pride month.

He took a hit on the cancellation culture and its far-reaching impact by saying “they’re literally running out of people to cancel, they’re now going after the dead”, referring to John Wayne.

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“It’s like yes, he was born in 1907, that’s what these people looked like. Never talked to your grandparents and brought up the wrong topic? Joked Burr.

He then extended his monologue on social conscience to talk about awakened culture and how he thinks white women have co-opted the movement.

“It should have been about people of color… somehow the white women threw their Gucci feet over the barrier of oppression and got stuck at the head of the line,” he said.

He ended his monologue by asking a hesitant audience why Gay Pride lasts a month, suggesting that black people “who were in fact enslaved” deserve more beyond February.

“These are the equators that give them the sun for 31 days. There are black gay people they could party from June 1 to 31… give them 61 days to celebrate, ”he said.

The Saturday monologue immediately started trending on Twitter and drew mixed and mixed reactions on social media.


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