Six new cases of COVID-19 in the city of Grande Prairie, four in the county


Alberta Health also added the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment to its list of outbreak sites on Friday, where they confirmed there were 14 active cases linked to October 22.There are two other outbreak sites in Grande Prairie, including the Walmart Supercentre and the Prairie Lakes Seniors’. Alberta Health says there is one active and 10 recovered cases linked to the Walmart outbreak, while the two cases linked to Prairie Lakes are considered cured.

“The locations of outbreaks in acute care and continuing care facilities are publicly reported when there are two or more cases, indicating that transmission has occurred in the facility,” says Alberta Health.

“Outbreaks are declared over after 4 weeks with no new cases.”

The updated totals of cases among the municipalities in the Peace Region at the end of the day on October 22 are as follows:

  • City of Grande Prairie: 203 cases (62 active, 139 cured, two deaths)
  • Grande Prairie County: 78 cases (12 active, 66 cured)
  • MD from Greenview: 19 cases (two active, 16 cured, one death)
  • Birch Hills County: five cases (all recovered)
  • Spirit River MD: 26 cases (12 active, 14 recovered)
  • Saddle Hills County: four cases (one active, three cured)
  • Smoky River DM: 75 cases (65 cured, ten deaths)
  • Big Lakes County: 52 cases (two active, 45 cured, five deaths)
  • Lesser Slave River MD: 19 cases (one active, 17 cured, one dead)
  • MD of Peace: 33 cases (five active, 28 cured)
  • Fairview MD: 16 cases (all recovered)
  • Clear Hills County: 94 cases (two active, 91 cured, one death)
  • Northern Sunrise County: nine cases (all recovered)
  • Northern Lights County: 58 cases (one active, 57 recovered)
  • Mackenzie County: 413 cases (five active, 395 cured, 13 deaths)

Hospitalizations remain low in the northern zone, four people being hospitalized, including two in intensive care. In Alberta there are 112 people in the hospital and 14 of those people in an intensive care unit.

Thursday’s increase in cases comes as 15,208 tests have been processed, creating a 2.84% positivity rate for Thursday. A total of 118,120 people in northern Alberta have been tested, an increase of 785 in the past 24 hours.

Four other deaths were linked to COVID-19, one in the Calgary area and three in the Edmonton area, bringing the death toll to 300 in Alberta.

There are 3,651 active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta, with 20,310 cases considered cured.

COVID-19 data for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in Alberta will be updated Monday afternoon.


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