‘Sinister’ tops UK survey of scariest movies ever made


UK-based BroadbandChoices announced the results of a scientific study that claims to have found a way to definitely rank the scariest movies of all time.

The list results are surprising with Scott Derrickson’s acclaimed 2012 horror film “Sinister” topping the charts, edging out iconic classics like “The Exorcist” at # 17 and “The Thing” at # 25.

The study involved fifty people watching fifth horror films and during their time watching their heart rate is monitored. The study looks at changes in BPM, and those that caused the most changes ultimately determined rank. Basically, the more consistent the jump alerts, the more categorized they will be.

Relatively recent titles all led the way with James Wan’s “Insidious” and “The Conjuring” coming in second and third, while “Hereditary” and “Paranormal Activity” were fourth and fifth. “It Follows”, “The Conjuring 2”, “The Babadook”, “The Descent” and “The Visit” complete the Top 10.

Older titles like “Halloween,” “Scream,” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” made it to mid-teens, while other Top 20 movies include “The Ring,” “Hush “,” 28 Days Later “,” IT “,” A Quiet Place “and” The Texas Chainsaw Massacre “.

The study also measured the greatest jump scares in all of the movies with “Insidious,” “Sinister,” “The Exorcist Part III,” “The Conjuring” and “The Descent” topping the list.


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