SIMMONS: NHL heading for short season, with or without paying customers


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A Toronto front office, already heavily endowed with the Hall of Fame, Brendan Shanahan as chairman, genius Kyle Dubas as managing director, attorney Laurence Gilman as deputy managing director and number expert Brandon Pridham, added Eric Joyce to the executive suite with the mysterious title. the director of hockey strategy.

And that doesn’t mean driving the pucks deep and setting up a pre-cheat with your feet moving.

You probably don’t know Joyce. He was the assistant general manager of the Florida Panthers and best known for participating in the messy evisceration of coach Gerard Gallant’s cab.

Joyce has a CV, however, and more. You don’t find a lot of hockey players who start at West Point, get a masters degree from Harvard, consult for a year in Abu Dhabi, work for the Pentagon and specialize in counterterrorism, and then end up scouting in the AHL.

Basically the Leafs have Saul Berenson working for them now.

The Leafs won’t tell you exactly what Joyce’s title means and what her job description is – they never even released her hiring.

“He’s going to do a bit of everything,” I was told. “He’s an awesome guy.”

Some believed Joyce was headed for the GM role in Florida, not least because he has a close relationship with owner Vinny Viola. When Bill Zito took over the Panthers, Joyce was sent off. And the Leafs surged – for what, we don’t know exactly.


Rueben Mayes is originally from Saskatchewan and is part of the NCAA College Football Hall of Fame. He is also a member of the Washington State University Sports Hall of Fame. The room where it isn’t: the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.


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