Should the North East be placed in tighter lockdown measures? Give your opinion in our survey


As deaths from the coronavirus in the Northeast reached their highest level since June, the region was placed in the “high” risk category in the new three-tier system of government.Pubs and restaurants have remained open, but the new rules state that only people from the same household (or the same supportive bubble) are allowed to meet inside. However, the “rule of six” applies outdoors, including gardens.

The region avoided joining Liverpool by being subjected to the strictest measures following pressure from local leaders of the seven local authorities.

But the prime minister said the Northeast could be pushed to very high-risk Level 3, which would see pubs, bars, barbers and gyms closed, if coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket.

Newcastle has the fifth highest Covid-19 infection rate in England with more than 1,500 cases recorded in the week to October 10.

The new changes have caused confusion among residents who are now familiarizing themselves with another set of rules that came into effect on Wednesday, October 14.

And now we want to know what you think of the latest restrictions imposed.

Is it time to close pubs and restaurants again? Is the government doing enough to curb the spread of the virus?

Should the Northeast be subject to tighter restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus? Give your opinion in our survey below


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