Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley star in Rainsford’s ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ video


Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley play a couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship in Rainsford’s ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ video.Rainsford is the project of Qualley’s sister Rainey, who started sharing her music under the nickname in 2014.

The 10-minute video shows the actors interpretively dancing through fights and happier moments, with two storylines presented at the same time through a split screen effect. According to a press release, it “portrays the tenderness and toxicity of a relationship, presented from the dual and sometimes contradictory perspective of a couple.”

He continues: “With a slightly disorienting structure, the piece evolves into an open resolution that folds in on itself, bringing us back to where we started.”

“Love Me Like You Hate Me” begins with slow, buzzing synths before turning into an emotional track of electronic pop. ” I wonder what you really think / And I wonder why you mean to meRainsford sings at one point. Watch the video below now.

The video was choreographed by the JA collective and produced by frequent LaBeouf collaborator Luke Turner. Cinematography was provided by Natasha Braier.

Margaret Qualley recently appeared in the 2019 TV miniseries Fosse / Verdon and played one of Charles Manson’s family members in Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster Once upon a time … in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this year that LaBeouf has written a film about the life of Brockhampton member Kevin Abstract. The script for Minor changes was published online in January.

Abstract previously spoke about the actor’s influence on the band’s album ‘Ginger’, saying, “Just spending time with him and having conversations helped us figure out what we wanted. to do. One of the first times he came to spend time with us, after he left, Dom and Bari started out as the first three songs that made the album – that same night.


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