Sharon Van Etten Joins Local Natives on New Song ‘Lemon’: Listen


Last year, Local Natives released a new album, Violet Street. They’ll be following this up soon with an EP called Sour Lemon, which they recorded last year with producer Chris Coady. It includes ‘Statues In The Garden (Arras)’, released last month, and the new single ‘Lemon’, which stars Sharon Van Etten, who has had pretty busy weeks between songs from the documentary’s soundtrack and covers of Nine Inch Nails.Van Etten duet with the band’s Taylor Rice on the track, their voices circling around each other as they sing along to try and embrace a quiet life. Here’s what she had to say about the runway’s long gestation period:

From the moment we started writing to the recording until the video shoot I moved to LA, Taylor had a child who is now 10 and a half months old and Ryan is now engaged. I connected to the song every step of the way: collaborating and getting to know each other, receiving their openness and generosity, recording the song and feeling the camaraderie and being accepted as part of the band, shooting the video and returning the desire and the connection. Our friendship and our lives have grown since we first met, and this is a documentation of that… I can’t wait to see where we all go from here.

Find out below.

01 «Lemon» (Feat. Sharon Van Etten)
02 “Statues in the garden (Arras)”
03 “Lost”
04 “Future lover”

the Sour Lemon EP comes out digitally on 10/23 and physically on 11/13. Pre-order it here.


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