Shakira breaks the silence on the cover of Blackpink Rose’s ‘Waka Waka’


Shakira stunned fans with her reaction to Blackpink Rose’s “Waka Waka” cover, as she reacted to the fan video in surprising ways.

The singer noticed the short video, posted by a social media user, and wasted no time responding by retweeting and tagging Rose in the post.

The two musicians shared mutual respect as Rose, a member of South Korean girl group Blackpink, covered Shakira’s 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’ in a show titled ‘Knowing Bros.’

On the other hand, Shakira, in her response, praised Blackpink Rose’s “Waka Waka” cover,

Rose’s outstanding performance hit the internet, a short video of her show, posted by a fan, was kind of noticed by Shakira herself who wasted no time in reacting and tagged Rose in her tweet for show enthusiasm, “Oh wow! I loved seeing you do that! Super cute! Thank you Rosé – @ygofficialblink Ps. I love your hair! ‘

Blackpink, who is thrilled with the success of his first full-length project titled “The Album” and the Netflix documentary, has shown his talents. As for Rose, she went for one of the biggest hits of Shakira’s career.

The show which also goes by the name of “Men on a Mission” or “Ask Us Anything” is one of the popular programs among Korean fans where different artists come to present their talents.

Their sweet deeds spawned speculation that Shakira and Rose could end up on a song together as many fans demanded their collaboration, especially when there were a few rumors that the South Korean singer had dropped an album. solo after the release of their documentary.


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