Several other brands of hand sanitizers have been recalled Health Canada


Health Canada has again issued a recall warning identifying several brands of hand sanitizers containing unapproved products. Due to the pandemic creating a high demand for hand sanitizers, Health Canada is authorizing the temporary use of technical grade ethanol in alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

However, companies wishing to use technical grade ethanol must choose from a list of suppliers authorized by Health Canada.

Those who access the ingredient from unauthorized suppliers do so against federal regulations, which has led to a significant recall nationwide.

Canadians are now advised to stop using disinfectants:

  • Latest best hand sanitizer for brewing and distillation
  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer (Citronella)
  • Prairie Potions Purify Hand Sanitizer & Antibacterial Spray
  • Sanix – Alcohol hand gel with emollients, 70% ethyl alcohol in 250 mL format
  • Sanix – Alcohol hand gel with emollients, 70% ethyl alcohol in 4 L format

Products can also be returned to a local pharmacy for proper disposal.

Anyone who has used these products and has health concerns should consult a healthcare practitioner and report any adverse events or complaints regarding a health product to Health Canada.

For more information on the lot numbers and the reasons for the recall, click here.

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