Second wave “worse than the first” when the cases reached 41,000 cases in France


The director of the large Parisian hospital group AP-HP said he feared that the second wave of Covid-19 was “worse than the first” in France, with a record 41,000 new cases being confirmed in the past 24 hours.The number of new cases in 24 hours is a record since the start of the epidemic in March. There were also 165 new deaths linked to Covid, according to figures from the public health body France (SPF).

The exact number of new cases – 41,622 – represents a jump of 15,000 new cases from those confirmed the day before. The level of positivity (the percentage of positive tests compared to the total number of tests) is now 14.3%, against 13.7% the day before and 4.5% at the beginning of September.

The figures show that the total number of deaths in France is now 34,210; and the number of infected people has reached the million mark, to 999,043 identified to date.

In addition, the director of the large Parisian hospital group the Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) Martin Hirsch said today (Friday October 23) that it is “possible” that the “second wave [of Covid-19] is worse than the first ”. AP-HP is the largest university hospital in Europe.

Speaking on the new RTL channel, he said: “There was a perception in the last few months that the second wave did not exist, or that it would be a ‘mini wave’. But the situation is the opposite; it is possible that the second wave is worse than the first. ”

He added that despite the record number of cases, the “reality is even higher”. He said: “There are a lot of positive and contagious people out there who don’t even know it, and anyone who knows it; probably three times more [as the official cases]. »

The average age of people admitted to intensive care for problems related to Covid-19 is 62, he said.

He warned people to be vigilant, saying, “We have had several young people with risk factors, but [also] a father infected by his son [and then] the father of this father, who doesn’t have many visitors, who isolates himself from himself and takes care, but who still had his son in his fifties who came to visit him that time… “

Strasbourg issues an alert

The warning from the Parisian director comes as the city of Strasbourg, in the Grand Est, warns that its hospitals are “close to saturation”, with only four intensive care beds available out of 55 in the city.

Jean Rottner, President of the Grand Est region, he told me: “The numbers are constant and we have seen them increase for several weeks. Services in the region are not particularly in demand today, but we must be ready.

“In two weeks, three weeks, I think we will start having a ‘tremor’ in the hospital and the intensive care unit will start to be a lot busier than it is now.

Strasbourg was particularly affected during the first wave.

New curfew measures

The record number of daily cases came just hours after Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that curfew measures would apply to 38 new departments from Saturday, October 24, bringing the total number of departments under cover. fire at 54.

Mr Castex declined to question whether another national lockdown was being considered, but said “even tougher measures” might be needed if the situation didn’t improve, and November was likely to be. “Hard”.

He said: “There is still time to avoid [harsher measures] but not a lot. “

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