Seattle Seahawks collapse and lose 37-34 in overtime thriller against Arizona Cardinals


More undefeated.

Russell Wilson had an amazing first half, but otherwise threw three brutal interceptions to make up for his three touchdowns against Tyler Lockett. The Seattle Seahawks drop to 5-1 on the season after blowing a 34-24 lead over Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals (5-2). A classic 37-34 in overtime that sees Seattle’s NFC West lead reduced to 0.5 games and with four brutal next games to come, the outlook for the season is a bit more precarious than if they had won.

Seattle had a 20-7, 27-17 halftime lead, but costly turnovers and bad mistakes in defense and special teams kept Arizona going through the game. Even when it looked like a tie was in the cards after a missed Zane Gonzalez goal in overtime, DK Metcalf called up a winning touchdown for the outfit and Russell Wilson threw his third interception in the next game. It doesn’t get much crazier than that.

And yes, the Seahawks have suffered several major injuries, just like the Cardinals. Par for the course in this stadium.

1st half

Russell Wilson broadcast it right away with a 35-yard dime to Tyler Lockett, who had a superb one-handed take on Patrick Peterson. In that six-game, 75-yard run, Lockett made three catches in five Wilson pass attempts and scored a single touchdown to give the Seahawks an instant lead. 7-0 Seahawks.

Arizona went to three points on their opening possession, a welcome change given the Seahawks’ defensive issues throughout the season. The Seahawks’ next possession saw Russell Wilson’s potential touchdown pass to Greg Olsen rightly knocked down without a touchdown after reruns showed Olsen was out of bounds and frankly not close. Two more incomplete passes led to a 41-yard basket from Jason Myers. 10-0 Seahawks.

Returning came Kyler Murray with a 3rd and 10th conversion on a rush. A handful of plays later, Murray threw a deep shot at DeAndre Hopkins and he edged Quinton Dunbar for 35 yards. 10-7 Seahawks.

A 9-game, 49-yard practice got the Seahawks back to the basket, but no further. Jason Myers hit home a 44-yard kick to reduce the lead to six. 13-7 Seahawks.

After a tricks game with the Kenyan Drake gained nine yards but was canceled due to a waiting penalty, DeAndre Hopkins was stripped by Poona Ford on a quick pass. KJ Wright was there for the recovery in Arizona territory. Unfortunately, the Cardinals’ defense came back with a pick in the end zone by Budda Baker. Normally that would be a touchdown since Wilson tripped while trying to chase him. But DK Metcalf had a heroic tackle that saved seven points as the Cardinals’ offense failed to score on four downs in a go-to-go situation.

How big would that tackle be? Well, the Seahawks still had 97 yards to go, but got the 97 in just six games. Russell Wilson rushed for 34 on a magnificent three-option game to get them to close midfield. Will Dissly had a gain of 28 yards passing upstream and deep into Arizona territory. Two games later, Carlos Hyde scored on a draw game that turned out to be a touchdown in the eyes of everyone except Al Michaels, whose brain had just broken and he thought he was out of the box. limits. 20-7 Seahawks.

The Cardinals returned with their own six-point training. Horrific burst area coverage saw Dan Arnold open up and rumble inside the 10. The next snap was a Murray touchdown to Christian Kirk, which was wide open thanks to Shaquill Griffin’s ugly defense. 20-14 Seahawks.

Russ. Lockett. Holy shit. 27-14 Seahawks.

The Seahawks were all too willing to concede a field goal to the Cardinals and Zane Gonzalez hit one at 49 yards. 27-17 Seahawks.

2nd half

Arizona wasted no time entering Seahawks territory, but the reader stalled thanks to a screen shot from KJ Wright and a third clutch stoppage by Ugo Amadi when Kyler Murray pulled out. scrambled in search of sticks. The Seahawks entered Cards territory and were unable to enter the range. DUEL PUNTS! DEFENSE?! IN THIS ECONOMY ?!

Seattle has pinned Arizona in depth, thanks to Michael Dickson. It didn’t matter because the referees created a mock roughness penalty from scratch on Bobby Wagner on what would have been a three-and-out. He extended the trip and the maps worked on the ground. Touchdown race for Kyler Murray. 27-24 Seahawks.

In the 4th quarter, Wilson led the Seahawks into Cardinals territory and into the shooting range, but threw a horrific interception at Patrick Peterson on a 3rd play in the end zone. DK Metcalf has interrupted his route and there appears to have been an expensive communication problem. No worries, as Quandre Diggs picked an incorrect Murray throw in the next game.

Even with a short field, the Seahawks were more than 5 minutes behind on a 12-game, 45-yard practice that ended in a 4th and 2 touchdowns for Tyler Lockett who is out of this world even on a night Lockett was absent. of this world. 34-24 Seahawks with 6:44 left.

Arizona oddly took a long time off the clock to find itself in the shooting range. Zane Gonzalez’s 52-yard basket was good, but a stupid (decent) penalty against Benson Mayowa meant taking points off the board. Christian Kirk got the touchdown a few games later and with 2:28 to go, Arizona still had their full set of timeouts and the lead at 3. 34-31 Seahawks.

Russell Wilson rolled nine yards to set up a Carlos Hyde 2nd-1 conversion on the other side of the two-minute warning. Arizona used their first time out after this play. A one-yard run for Hyde in the 1st and 10th resulted in another timeout taken by the cards. The seven-yard run for Hyde is 3rd and 2 and Arizona has no more timeouts. This is the game here… I didn’t understand it. Arizona recovers the ball at its 20 with: 52 left.

First kick to Fitzgerald for a hold of 11 and they point him with: 38 to play. QB draw with Murray and another peak with: 24 on the left. Kirk with the Seahawks’ take at 38 with: 17 to go. Draw with Edmonds at 24 and they get the first down and pic with: 02 to go. Zane Gonzalez for the draw … 44-yard attempt … overtime. 34-34.


Seahawks won the coin toss thanks to Geno Smith’s exceptional guessing skills. Of their own 25, Carlos Hyde with the takeover for a gain of eight. Bad time for the first sack of the match. Done 3rd and 8. CATCH by David Moore with Dr. Kirkpatrick draped all over him. Gain of 18 meters. Pitch to Hyde loses several yards as Wilson stumbles. 2nd and 16th… taken in one hand by Dallas in midfield. 3rd and 6th… false start for Shell. 3rd and 11. Sacked on a blitz.

Ball at Arizona 28. Fitzgerald with a win of 7. Defensive break on a big run from Chase Edmonds. Just scrambling him down Seattle’s throat inside the 20. Ryan Neal stops Murray for a loss of 5. They’re just going to kick him now. There was almost a game delay but a timeout was called by the Cards. At 41 meters for Gonzalez… NO GOOD !!!! UNREAL!

2:42 to go and the Seahawks get the ball back. Lockett for a first try. The dangerous throw to Hyde loses 4. 2nd and 14 to their 38. Incredibly improvised by Lockett to get the first on a ridiculous Wilson throw. Lockett hit two Cardinals and they enter Arizona Territory. Blitz and Wilson throws him away. 2nd and 10… Seahawks timeout.

Another blitz and incomplete. TOUCHDOWN DK METCALF ON A SCREEN !! But David Moore committed an obvious detention penalty. So it’s 3rd and 14. Chosen by Isaiah Simmons with: 48 remaining. Cards have it at Seattle 49 with: 57 to go. Hopkins at 40. Couple of plays at 29, then a strange deep pass on the 3rd down which is incomplete. Now they are throwing the basket. Winner. 37-34 cardinals.

Seahawks injury report

RG Damien Lewis injured his knee in the 2nd quarter but returned in the same quarter.

RB Chris Carson injured his foot at some point in the 1st half. He didn’t come back.

CB Shaquill Griffin suffered a concussion and was replaced by Tre Flowers. He didn’t come back.

S Ryan Neal was hit in the 4th quarter on a 4th conversion and 1. He was replaced by Damarious Randall but came back on the same haul.

Next week’s opponent

A home game against the San Francisco 49ers (4-3) on Sunday, November 1 at 1:25 p.m. PT on FOX.


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