Season 5 premiere of “This Is Us”: [Spoiler] Is alive


Warning: This article contains major spoilers from It’s usSeason 5 premiere.

It’s us don’t just rest on his Laurel more.

In the closing moments of Tuesday’s Season 5 premiere, the family drama revealed that Randall’s birth mother – whom viewers had been led to believe died shortly after her birth – had actually survived the overdose of drug that nearly cost him his life.

The two-part episode, titled “Forty,” chronicled The Big 3’s 40th, a date the adoptee Randall lamented might not even be his actual date of birth. (In fact, it wasn’t.) The current storyline showed Randall had met Kevin and Kate at the cottage to deal with Rebecca’s unsettling episode of dementia. Meanwhile, the episode’s flashback portrayed William’s anguish over the birth of his girlfriend, Laurel, OD to the heroine she had begged him to get to ease her pain after Randall was born.

After emergency medical technicians declared her dead and hinted that the police and child protection services were going to get involved, William ran away with his toddler son … he didn’t. So wasn’t there when one of the paramedics later realized that Laurel still had a pulse. And just before the first cut in the credits, Laurel started breathing again. (Read a full recap.)

In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, series creator / executive producer Dan Fogelman said Laurel’s reveal would fit in with another theme at the forefront of the episode: Randall’s continued exploration of who he is. is really.


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