Scott Hall Virtual Meet and Greet cut short by worries about his condition


WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall appeared last night in a virtual meetup for Sombre Parlor Originals, but the event had to be discontinued due to Hall’s condition. Hall was apparently intoxicated and it was decided to end things so that he could be taken care of.“First and foremost, we’ll take care of Scott,” Mike de Sombre Parlor Originals stated in the video below. “We’re going to take care of Scott. We will make sure he has what he needs. He’s been having problems recently. It’s none of my business to talk about it. We are not here to make it look bad, we are not here to look bad. We’re just trying to get your stuff signed. ”

Steve Ruiz, a fan who watched Hall’s signing, wrote in the live chat of the video:

” It was difficult. They were having a late checkout, Mike was trying to get everyone’s orders in a timely manner, but Hall continued to have issues with every sign-up or request, and had issues with his rush. Influenced by drugs or whatever He was trying, but he was not in the mental state to go through so quickly with so many articles in four hours while being broadcast live. ”

Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Razor Ramon in 2014, and was slated to enter a second time as part of the nWo this year. Due to the pandemic, WWE has yet to host the 2020 induction ceremony and will likely have it sometime next year. WrestleMania.


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