‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 6 is coming to Netflix early


The final season of the award-winning sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” has arrived on Netflix days ahead of schedule.”Schitt’s Creek” creator and star Daniel Levy tweeted the news early Saturday morning alongside a Moira gif, writing: “Surprise! Season 6 and the Best Wishes documentary, Warmest Regards just dropped early on Netflix! Have a good week-end! ”

The final season of the series was originally scheduled for release on the streaming platform on October 7.

In addition to season 6, a documentary on the making of the show called “Best wishes, warmest regards” is also available on Netflix. The documentary follows the early development of the series and offers insight into the making of the final episodes of the series.

“Schitt’s Creek” won big at this year’s Emmy Awards, taking home all four awards in the comedy category. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara won the Outstanding Actor and Leading Actress in a Comedy Series, Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy received the Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series award, and the show also won the award for best comedy series. Daniel Levy was also honored for his Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for the show’s final episode, “Happy Ending.”

During an interview after the Emmys, Daniel Levy hinted that while the series is over, other plans surrounding the Rose family may not be out of reach.

“To be honest, this is the best way we could have ended the show,” Levy said. “If there’s an idea that comes to my mind, it must be really great because it’s a nice way to say goodbye to me. Fingers crossed, we soon have a great idea that comes to mind… I would love to work with these people again.

“Schitt’s Creek” first aired on CBC in Canada before making its way to the United States via Pop TV. Netflix acquired the streaming rights to the show in 2017, which significantly increased its popularity.


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