Schitt’s Creek season 6 is coming to Netflix early


Dan Levy plays at Schitt's Creek

Dan Levy plays at Schitt’s Creek
Photo: Pop TV

After last week’s reveal one of the loudest pandemic deniers diagnosed with COVID-19, you might think we’ve already had our October surprise. Well, here’s one that’s just a little nicer: the sixth and final season of Ruisseau Schitt arrived early on Netflix and is now available for your viewing pleasure. Co-creator Dan Levy announced the news on Twitter on Saturday, along with a gif of his TV mom, Moira Rose (played by new Emmy winner Catherine O’Hara).

So if you are late Ruisseau Schitt or just need a pick-me-up – this does not imply claiming that the country’s general manager is doing better than him because you don’t want to, uh, encourage the virus, you guess? —You can catch up this week. the Best wishes, warmest regards: farewell to Schitt’s Creek The documentary also airs on Netflix from October 3.

Dan and Eugene Levy’s sweet and assertive sitcom aired for six seasons on Pop TV, but saw a wave of support and acclaim after the series finale, ” Happy ending. The series received 15 Emmy nominations this year and achieved nine of them, including seven Primetime Emmys. This year, Ruisseau Schitt became the first TV series to sweep the actor categories of its genre, with father and son Levy taking home the Best Leading Actor and Supporting Actor in a Comedy respectively. The Rose Women also fared well, as O’Hara won the title of Best Leading Actress in a Comedy and Annie Murphy proved that “A Little Bit Alexis” goes a long way, scoring the fourth prize in actor for the series as an Outstanding Supporting Actress in A The Comedy. The sweep actually includes all of the major comedy categories., as Ruisseau Schitt has also won awards for Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Writing and Directing.


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