Sacha Baron Cohen remains in Borat character for Borat 2 Q&A


After the premiere of “Borat 2”, star Sacha Baron Cohen hosted a question-and-answer session with fans – as Kazakhstan’s No.4 journalist Borat Sagdiyev, of course.Cohen-as-Borat began by greeting viewers who had just watched the new film, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” on Amazon Prime Video.

“I hope you liked it more than Rudolph Giuliani,” Borat joked, explaining that he would answer questions “from all over the flat earth”.

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Responding to a question, Borat was amazed at how much America had changed since arriving there for the first “Borat” movie in 2006.

“When I went back to America for this new movie, I found out that it was now racist, uh, anti-women…” he explained. “Fundamentally, Trump had made America great again by making it like Kazakhstan. High five! ”

Borat also offered some advice to a teenager looking for advice on how to pick up women.

“The most important thing is that when you pick up women, don’t scare them, so approach very gently from behind – then grab!” Borat said. “I hear your Prime Minister Trump can take a woman and wear her against his will, and there are 25 legal cases on that.”

He did offer a caveat, however. “Of course kidnapping is still a crime, so please get the consent of the man who owns it first. ”

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Borat had more shots to take of Trump, like when a youngster asked, “So what do you think of Donald Trump?”

“Well, we love McDonald’s Trump in Kazakhstan a lot. He is very strong and very big. He’s so healthy he’s also very generous, especially to women, ”Borat said before focusing on a Stormy Daniels joke. “He could find a prostitute for $ 50, but instead he’s so generous he paid $ 130,000.

Trump, Borat continued, “is also very good at COVID security, especially social distancing. That’s why he hasn’t been within three kilometers of his wife in the past four years.

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The full set of questions and answers can be viewed in the video above.


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