Rock and other legends want to return to face Roman Reigns


Paul Heyman quickly made a name for himself in WWE again, becoming the new manager of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Heyman recently spoke to The New York Post, where he spoke briefly about the popularity of Reigns, revealing that a ton of legendary characters from the wrestling world are now looking to take on the Big Dog, including The Rock.

“Right now there isn’t anyone in this industry who is at the level of Roman Reigns and The Rock recognizes that or he would never have been the first person to pitch the idea (of a match). The Rock pitched this idea. Roman Reigns didn’t even have to mention The Rock’s name, ”he says. When asked if a match like this could happen or not, Heyman noted that not only did The Rock want it to happen, but other people in WWE would as well. “It’s clear that The Rock wants this to happen. And The Rock isn’t the only one, I might add. There is a line. There’s a list of phone calls for Vince McMahon to come back from top legends, WrestleMania, from the main event who just want to rub shoulders with Roman Reigns right now.

A game with one of the greats in wrestling would be huge for Reigns, and with The Rock being a member of his family, it would add even more stakes to what could turn out to be one of the best games of all time. . Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, and Reigns will have another family member to deal with in Jey Uso in Hell in a Cell.

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