Rioters attack businesses and drivers after black man shot dead by police near Portland (VIDEOS) – RT USA News


    Des manifestants violents ont brûlé des drapeaux américains, brisé des vitres et attaqué des conducteurs à la suite d'une fusillade de la police dans une ville près de Portland, dans l'Oregon.  Des policiers en tenue anti-émeute sont intervenus pour disperser la foule.

</p><div><p>Vancouver, Washington, situé à environ 12 miles au nord de Portland, ressemblait à une zone de guerre vendredi soir alors que les manifestants bloquaient la circulation et vandalisaient des bâtiments.  Les troubles ont commencé par une veillée pour un homme noir, identifié par sa famille comme Kevin Peterson, qui avait été abattu par la police locale lors d'une poursuite dans laquelle il aurait tiré une arme à feu.  Mais après le service commémoratif pacifique, plusieurs centaines de manifestants ont saccagé le centre-ville de Vancouver.  

Videos posted on social media show chaos in the city of Washington. Man was filmed lighting a burning American flag as he shouted “Death to your fucking empire.”

The angry mobs also targeted businesses, smashing windows and painting anti-police graffiti. Protesters surrounded a store guarded by a man with an assault rifle. The group has been filmed repeatedly taunting the gunman.

Footage also shows several incidents in which drivers were pulled over and attacked by protesters. In a shocking clip, it appears that several shots were fired from a vehicle, although it is not known who was inside.

Vancouver police responded, with officers blocking roads and ordering protesters to clean the streets. Federal agents were on the scene to help disperse the crowd, according to eyewitness reports.

Authorities are still investigating the circumstances that led to Peterson’s murder. Law enforcement officials said officers attempted to apprehend the 21-year-old during a narcotics investigation but fled the scene brandishing a gun. He was shot dead by three MPs he met during his escape. It is not clear if Peterson fired a gun at police during the altercation.

The latest unrest follows months of near-nightly protests in Portland, following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in May. Anti-racist protests have often turned into violence.

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