Ricky Gervais fears second pandemic “worse than Covid” will wipe out humanity


Ricky Gervais has expressed fears that another pandemic will be the one that will wipe out humanity. The 59-year-old comedian, who broached the subject of death and bereavement in his popular Netflix series, After Life, predicted that another virus, as yet unknown, would be the end of human life.

After the start of the Covid-19 epidemic after the virus was transmitted to humans by bats, Ricky believes that another animal will be the cause of human destruction when the next pandemic sweeps the world.

Speaking in a live internet chat, Ricky said, “I just hope Covid takes hold.

“I don’t think it will end humanity – the next will be, the next will come. ”

Ricky then predicted which animal would kill humans.

Ricky Gervais shared his concerns for the human race

He continued, “Someone will just say, ‘What is this? Someone somewhere ate aardvark and it’s the worst f ***** disease ever – your eyes are drooling, because someone ate a ***** g aardvark.

“So that’s going to kill us.”

The creator of the Bureau also said he was concerned that global warming and civil wars are also great threats to mankind, saying the dangers put his irritations with life “in perspective.”

After an outcry that people working in the entertainment industry should look to retrain as the country heads to another lockdown, Ricky said he would become a ‘lumberjack’ if the time was right.

Jane Fallon and Ricky Gervais self-isolate in London

Ricky, who lives with longtime partner Jane Fallon, 59, at their £ 11million London mansion, said he has ambitions to be a skilled aide for the company but believes being a comedian is all he can do.

He continued, “I would love to be a doctor or an architect or a scientist, but all I can do is make it happen.

“I’m an idiot called f ***** g.”

“I think it would be something to do with science and nature, whether it be academic or just helping wildlife, even if it was like volunteering to maintain forests – that would be pretty good.

“Like a lumberjack. I would live in a log cabin in the woods, chop down dangerous trees, and be visited by magical goblins and madmen when I lose my ax.

Rickey Gervais addressed death and grief in his popular After Life series

Responding to Chancellor Rishi Sunak suggesting retraining people in the entertainment industry, Ricky said people should do what makes them happy, even if it leaves them in the lineage.

He hit it up saying, “All you should do is do what would make you happy, just try for that, because even trying to do something that makes you happy, you are doing something you love.”

“I never bought this stuff where people say, ‘I’m going to work really hard at a job that I hate for 20 years and then I can do whatever I want’ because that just doesn’t happen. .

“It’s better to struggle financially for 20 years because you just can’t waste all that time – money just doesn’t matter.”

Ricky added, “If you buy boats and cars and whatever you want and hate it, better to be happy and poor, than less happy and rich – that’s for sure.

“Do what you love, easy. You don’t need a lot, I don’t know what people think you are missing.

“I don’t know what people think when they go on Instagram and see people standing next to a boat – it’s not their boat.

“They’re not happy – they wouldn’t pose next to someone else’s boat and post it on Instagram if they were happy.

“For me it’s sitting here drinking and talking shit.”

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